Harbour Lights Ltd.


Whether your company is a startup or an existing firm, we will provide you with a complete and structured view of your options and create a blueprint from which to build and grow your business.

Company Formation & Structuring

The proper structuring of your company and/or trust is the first and most important step you will undertake. Operating onshore, offshore or a combination of the two should be considered. The structuring will determine what banks and PSPs will be available to you as well as the type of licensing your business may seek. At Harbour Lights Ltd. our expert advise provides the proper foundation which build your business on.


Trusts are an ideal vehicle with which to preserve and protect assets against risks arising from ownership of those assets. By utilizing an international trust, your assers are not only protected from frivolous lawsuits, but you also enjoy privacy and personal security.

Banking & PSPs

Moving money is the lifeblood of your financial service business. Having secure banking, credit card processing and eWallet solutions in place will allow you to conduct your business with ease. Harbour Lights Ltd. has established relationships with banks and other financial institutions around the world to ensure your abiliy to conduct businss in uninterrupted.

Financial Service Licensing

In today's business environment, it has become essential from both a banking and client trust standpoint to obtain Financial Servicing Licensing, Regulation and/ or Registration. Harbour Lights Ltd. excels in providing sound solutions to obtain a license in respected jurisdictions around the world.